about me


hi, it’s nice to meet you.
I’m jess brommet

a graphic designer and illustrator based in Muskoka, Ontario with over 17 years of experience.

I love nature and vintage. I can usually be found barefoot and I am always fuelled with [lots] of coffee. I am also a mom to the best human child and dog. I grew up in a small town, tried the [smaller] city life and then settled in another small town in Muskoka, Ontario. Here, I design full time for a brewery during the day, and in my spare time I take on clients for design, branding and illustration.

My personal style inspiration is quirky and eclectic and sophisticated and edgy. I love colour [mainly green] but I also love black. I love granny florals and also solids and grungy textures. But mostly, I love hand-crafted design with heart and soul. I love connecting with my clients and using that connection to inspire me to create something that deeply resonates them. 

My work involves creative exploration and connection with my clients, drawing inspiration from who they are. I am inspired by the diverse tapestry of nature, the timeless elegance of art, the rhythm of music and the charm of vintage aesthetic. This eclectic blend infuses my designs with a unique, captivating style that tells a story. Authenticity is at the core of my creative process, allowing me to craft designs that resonate with the essence of the message or concept I’m entrusted with.

My dedication to my craft has been recognized through various awards and accolades. These achievements not only inspire me to push the boundaries of my creativity but also reaffirm the quality and innovation that define my work.

Connect with me to explore how we can bring your ideas to life.